I woke up on Thanksgiving morning with a sense of calm and I was so excited to have a much needed day off from work. Then I remembered how much I love the process of preparing the Thanksgiving feast. I also remembered how much I used to enjoy photographing food. With a rented 100mm macro lens from a shoot earlier int he week I decided to pick apart the meal frame by frame. Here is a glimpse at the process of getting the meal on to the table.

Thanksgiving 2015 01

Everything starts with a clean cutting board and a sharp knife.

Thanksgiving 2015 02

A few ingredients for the apple pie

Thanksgiving 2015 03

These beautiful cranberries ended up int he food processor with dates and an orange

Thanksgiving 2015 04

Thanks to SRSLY Bread we had a delicious gluten free stuffing this year

Thanksgiving 2015 05

Need I say more?

Thanksgiving 2015 06

We did not actually eat these pumpkins but they were so cute on the counter I had to make a picture


Thanksgiving 2015 07


Thanksgiving 2015 10

Cabbage salad

Thanksgiving 2015 08

Fresh Thyme

Thanksgiving 2015 13

Thyme, sage and salt for the stuffing

Thanksgiving 2015 11

Yukon golds sautéed in butter

Thanksgiving 2015 12

Starting young with some knife skills

Thanksgiving 2015 14

This 14 pounder is still feeding the family

Thanksgiving 2015 09

Don’t forget about dessert!


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