Golden Gate Bridge Turns 75

When I first moved to San Francisco in 1995 I would photograph everything, but it was not until I spied the bridge through the Waldo Tunnel heading south toward San Francisco that I thought abut photographing it.  I actually walked into the tunnel a few days later with my camera on a tripod, balancing on 6 inches of curb while cars whizzed past at 60 mph.  I believe I got off three frames before I heard the police sirens.  The image was not worth the $50.00 ticket, but the story still takes me back to a time of black and white film and youthful naivete.  Over the years I have photographed the Golden Bridge in a casual way and I have collected a sample of images to share in celebration of 75 years and still standing.

Golden Gate Bridge as seen from China Beach

No on 209 march across the Golden Gate Bridge

A ship travels under the Golden Gate Bridge at sunrise

Golden Gate Bridge as seen from Fort Point

Golden Gate Bridge as seen from north parking lot

A heart left on the Golden Gate Bridge

On the Golden Gate Bridge looking up

View from the Marin Headlands

Portrait of Tom Kiely for California Meetings and Events Magazine

Night time view from Marin headlands

Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Point with a fisheye lens

Golden Gate Bridge last night before the fireworks

Golden Gate Bridge at start of fireworks show

Last night the Golden Gate Bridge celebrated 75 years

Last night the Golden Gate Bridge celebrated 75 years

Last night the Golden Gate Bridge celebrated 75 years

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Golden Gate Bridge

This may or may not be true, but I believe the Golden Gate Bridge is the most photographed landmark in the world.  When this is the case how are we to find one more interesting angle to shoot.  With the 75th anniversary of this incredible structure being celebrated all year; cameras are sure to be snapping.  Many years ago when I was younger and blessed with much less common sense I walked into the Waldo Tunnel to shoot the bridge framed by arch of the tunnel.  This was dangerous and stupid and the police quickly lectured me on that fact, I also received a $50.00 ticket.  I recently shot a portrait of an SFTravel Association executive with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop and we made a nice image with an interesting perspective of the bridge.  Regardless of the over saturation of Golden Bridge imagery I find it hard not to shoot this bridge.  The light is always changing, the fog is a constant factor and the view is breathtaking.  This year I will honor the bridge by trying to photograph all her beauty and find something different to look at.

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