Golden Gate Bridge

This may or may not be true, but I believe the Golden Gate Bridge is the most photographed landmark in the world.  When this is the case how are we to find one more interesting angle to shoot.  With the 75th anniversary of this incredible structure being celebrated all year; cameras are sure to be snapping.  Many years ago when I was younger and blessed with much less common sense I walked into the Waldo Tunnel to shoot the bridge framed by arch of the tunnel.  This was dangerous and stupid and the police quickly lectured me on that fact, I also received a $50.00 ticket.  I recently shot a portrait of an SFTravel Association executive with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop and we made a nice image with an interesting perspective of the bridge.  Regardless of the over saturation of Golden Bridge imagery I find it hard not to shoot this bridge.  The light is always changing, the fog is a constant factor and the view is breathtaking.  This year I will honor the bridge by trying to photograph all her beauty and find something different to look at.

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